Welcome to consultEP.eu.com

Our selected clients get help to improve the profitability and cashflow of their businesses at pace by we providing them management advice on how to transform their businesses, to relay out their facilities and to optimise their global footprint and supply chain. We are focused on delivering outcomes and are respected world-wide for our practical solutions.


To transform businesses that will build economic profit in the short-term, as well as the long-term.


To fine-tune global material flows, so that it can be lean responsive and flexible in evolving volatile environment.


To restructure the supply chain, so that it will deliver products on time and at the right quality and costs.


To introduce mature products to market in the shortest time and at the lowest possible risk and costs.

Particular Assignments

Employing a specialist consulting practice

Welcome to consultEP

ConsultEP is a consulting practice specialising in the Aerospace/Defence, Power Generating and Car/Component industries. The world is moving into a new era and manufacturing companies must restructure to better focus on what they do to perform well in an evolving volatile environment. Clients need help to change radically.

Assignments are frequently concerned with transforming businesses, rationalising a company's physical infrastructure and optimising a company's global footprint and supply chain within the specified time span. It typically involves diagnosing a firm's current performance (strategic review) then proposing both cost saving and cash enhancing changes in the geographical and product scope and organisation structure and helping to implement those changes successfully.

As an independent firm, we work in alliance with prime specialists firms to provide agile consulting service at scale to select clients throughout the world. Each member firm is legally separate and independent entities, which are not obligated to each other. ConsultEP and each member firm are liable only for their own acts and omissions, and not those of each other.

In contrast to the general consulting firms, we are part of a collaborative framework, allowing a mix of large and small organisation to come together across specialisations to create value for our clients. This brings to bear deep functional expertises onto a particular issue, often lacking when junior personnel are allocated to projects by large consultancies. A further advantage of collaborated structure is the ability to keep cost to a minimum and to be flexible to our clients needs.

We refer to the eminent Sun-Tzu, the General and author of Art-of-War strategy:

* Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

* Know the enemy and know yourself.

* Use speed and preparation to swiftly overcome the competition.